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TeraScript Server Release Notes

Version 8

Version 8 installation notes are here

Version 7

Known Issues

JVM does not load on certain versions of Windows

The Java installation on some versions of Windows can not find a specific file. Installing this redistributable package from MS should correct the issue:

New Features

Internal Web Server
ANSI 99 SQL Query Generator
Application and Include cache stability improvements
Support "NOT IN" SQL criteria
Debug output is now better formatted HTML
File Read Action now supports getting file information
A thread which has exceeded the queryTimeout will now throw a normal error
@INCLUDE has better logging
@PURGECACHE has been changed to reflect new caching behavior and now returns the number documents purged
@REGEX now takes nulltokens attribute, when true it will return empty subexpressions
@REPLACE now supports the FORMAT attribute
@XSLT functionality restored

New Tags

@++ silently increment a variable
@-- silently decrement a variable
@TRUE returns "1"
@FALSE returns "0"
@CLASSNAME returns the name of the currently executing class (TCF only)
@LICENSEE returns the name of the license owner
@CACHEDFILES returns an array of the files in the cache


Apache 2.4 module now available
Default configuration will attempt to load Java 7 virtual machine
Default license is a new configuration license, usable to set initial configuration
64-bit builds are now available for all platforms

Configuration Variables

ANSI99SQL new ANSI99 compatible SQL query generator (true) or v6 SQL queries (false)
CACHE - all three caches (application, include and webservice) are now set to this size (0 = unlimited)
HTMLENCODESQ - encoding=html encodes the @SQ character (true) or not (false)
Nine new configuration variables to control the internal webserver. This function is intended to be used for configuration only.
1. HTTPDOCUMENTROOT=C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Tronics Software\\TeraScript Server 6\\webroot\\
MAILADMIN this configuration variable has been removed

Bugs Fixed

absoultePathPrefix is not applied to paths used for FTP
WebCall Post Agument List values now go through variable replacement
@CHOICELIST will now output CRLF rather than just LF for line breaks
A trailing CRLF character is no longer trimmed from the result
An error is reported if the FTP port is > 65535
The Time stamp in an email is now properly adjusted for daylight savings
Increased FTP buffer size to allow for larger transfers
@TOKENIZE will no longer return a trailing NULL character when using rdelim or cdelim
Custom Column values can now be up to 512 characters long
"true" and "false" will no longer be considered valid values by @ISNUM, @ISINT and @ISDECIMAL
Start retieval row number will now be remembered in nested TCF calls
@PLATFORM will show the proper bitness of the Operating System
Email sessions will no longer try to close a connection when there isn't one
Error -331 has clearer explanation

Dependancies updated

Crypto++ 5.6.2
cURL 7.29.0
OpenSSL 0.9.8x


7.1.3 - August 2016

7.1.1 - January 2016

Debian 7.9 (64-bit) Installation Notes

Install the package:
sudo dpkg -i TeraScriptServer711_Debian7964.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

Link to ODBC library (optional):
cd /usr/lib
sudo ln -s x86_64-linux-gnu/

Install JRE (optional):
sudo apt-get install default-jre

In a new file /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/TeraScript.load, place these two lines:
LoadModule TeraScriptModule /usr/local/lib/apache2/modules/
Note: the module name is for Apache 2.4

7.0.7 - October 2014

7.0.5 - June 2014

7.0.3 - March 2014

6.2.7 - May 2013

6.2.5 - March 2013

6.2.3 - January 2013

6.2.1 - August 2012

6.1.3 - October 2011

6.1.1 - August 2011

6.0.7 - February 2011

Global Pool for connection-limited or thread-limited Data Sources

Added a Global Pool to the Data Source functionality to support Data Sources which can only support a limited number of connections or are single-threaded. See the section on DSConfigFile in the Programmerís Guide for a full explanation of this feature.

JDBC Open Cursor

When using a JDBC Data Source a cursor was left open after each request. This was a bug introduced in 6.0.5. All cursors will now be closed properly.

<@DOCS>Meta Tag

<@DOCS> could crash when evaluating certain actions, this has been corrected. <@DOCS> is deprecated in Witango 6.

<@PAD> Meta Tag

<@PAD> would crash if the CHAR attribute was not supplied, this was contradictory to the documentation. <@PAD> now works as expected, requiring only the STR and NUMCHARS attributes and the CHAR attribute defaults to a space.

Log Timestamps

The Witango.log file now has timestamps which show the millisecond. This is helpful for debugging concurrency issues.

Exception Logging (WIN)

When the Witango Service encounters an exception that it canít recover from, it now logs a significant amount of information into the witango.log file. This information is helpful to Tronics Software when isolating and correcting these crash issues. (Windows only)


<@SERVERSTATUS> now produces the correct value for the ProcessSize category. The HeapSize category will now produce a zero (0) and is now deprecated. (Mac OS X only)

Apache Module bitness (OS X)

The Apache module is now built as a Universal Binary for both Intel 32-bit and Intel 64-bit. Note that the name of the module does not reflect this change (Mac OS X only)

Install script for Mac OS X Server (OS X)

An installation script is now available on Mac OS X Server to automatically configure your Witango Application Server as a background service and for use with Apache Web Server. After you run the installer application, please double-click the InstallWitangoOSXServer file found in /Applications/Witango Application Server 6/

6.0.5 - January 2011

Install script for Mac OS X

An installation script is available on Mac OS X to automatically configure your Witango Application Server as a background service and for use with Apache Web Server. After you run the installer application, please double-click the InstallWitango file found in /Applications/Witango Application Server 6/

JDBC connection pooling

A bug was isolated and corrected that prevented JDBC from properly reusing connections.

Crypto++ to 5.6.1 (-MD5MAC)

The cryptographic library has been updated to the latest version. This has removed a feature: the MD5MAC cipher function. Updating this library should enable Rijndael (AES128) to use hardware routines found in Intel CPUs that support AES-NI.

APR to 2.2.17

Apache tools (APR) used to build the Apache modules have been updated to the latest version.

ICU 4.4.2

The ICU (Unicode) library has been updated to version 4.4.

64-bit Apache 2.2 module (OS X)

The Apache module on OS X has been built for the 64-bit Apache that ships with Mac OS X 10.6.

<@CHOICELIST> updated and corrected

The output of <@CHOICELIST> has been updated to be XHTML 1.0 STRICT compliant.

The output of <@CHOICELIST type=radio> when both the OPTIONS= and VALUES= attributes are used has been corrected. In previous versions of Witango Application Server, the VALUES were visible on the webpage, while the OPTIONS were passed back as post arguments. This was reversed from how TYPE=select worked, and has been corrected.